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Exotic Brunettes

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This Web-Class is based on Volume 5 of:

“Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert”
Exotic Brunettes
Class 5

Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert is the worlds leading
Haircolor Theory Education Program designed for the Professional Hairdresser.
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This Webinar brings the concepts of the Haircolor Trade Secrets program
“To Life” through the use of ‘LIVE’ Interactive Presentations and Q&A:





Event Presenter: David Velasco

“These “WebClasses” are without a doubt the most comprehensive and thorough haircolor educational classes that I have ever taught. Because I am not restricted to any time constraints, like I am at my live event trainings such as Hair Shows or In-Salon Classes, I am able to take all the time I needed to explain in Very-Simple-Everyday-English Everything I Know about Hair Color.”

At first, one may think that making someone a brunette is a simple task for a colorist to do. But the truth is that making a good, rich brunette can be very challenging. In this Web-Class I will give you all the secrets to ensuring great, long lasting rich brunette haircolor every time. Brunettes that won’t look too dark, brunettes that won’t turn red and brunettes that stay rich looking from touch-up to touch-up.

In This Web-Class You Will Learn:

  • Best Candidates for warm and Cool Brunettes
  • Ground Rules for Brunettes
  • Making Salt & Pepper Hair Rich Brunette
  • Making 75-100% Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Brunette
  • Making a Double Process Blonde a Brunette
  • Secrets to Tint Backs
  • Plus Corrective Procedures for Brunettes
  • Brown Tint Went Too Dark on the Ends Only
  • Brown Tint Took Too Dark in the Temples
  • Brown Tint Looks Reddish in the Re-growth Area Only
  • Making a Bleached or Tinted Blonde a Brunette..Tint Backs….

See Webinar Video Replay

Run Time: 2hr 33min 

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Enrollment Fee: $47.00