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Amazing Redheads

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This Web-Class is based on Volume 4 of:

“Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert”
Amazing Redheads
Class 4

Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert is the worlds leading
Haircolor Theory Education Program designed for the Professional Hairdresser.
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This Webinar brings the concepts of the Haircolor Trade Secrets program
“To Life” through the use of ‘LIVE’ Interactive Presentations and Q&A:





Event Presenter: David Velasco

“These “WebClasses” are without a doubt the most comprehensive and thorough haircolor educational classes that I have ever taught. Because I am not restricted to any time constraints, like I am at my live event trainings such as Hair Shows or In-Salon Classes, I am able to take all the time I needed to explain in Very-Simple-Everyday-English Everything I Know about Hair Color.”

In this is Web-Class; you will learn what it takes to make a great looking redhead. We will talk about the different types of reds and who are your best and worst candidates for being a redhead. Making great redheads is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that a colorist can have. In this Web-Class I will teach you everything you need to know to achieve amazing results every time.

In This Web-Class You Will Learn:

  • How to Stack the Deck on Your Side
  • Best and Worst Candidates for Becoming a Redhead
  • Formulating Red Haircolor
  • Understanding Red Color Bases
  • Making Gray (non-pigmented Hair Red
  • Making Natural Blonde Hair Red
  • Making Brunette Hair Red (Levels 2-5)
  • Plus 5 Color Corrective Procedures for Redheads
  • 1-Red Color is too Vibrant at Re-growth Area
  • 2-The Ends of the Client’s Red Hair Looks Brown
  • 3-The Client is Experiencing Early or Excessive Fading
  • 5-Gray (non-pigmented) Hair Turns Pink or Mauve after Applying a Red Tint
  • 6-How to Highlight Natural Redheads—-Highlights Keep Disappearing

See Webinar Video Replay 

Run Time: 2hr 31min

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Enrollment Fee: $47.00