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Haircolor 101- The Beginning

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This Web-Class is based on Volume 1 of:

“Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert”
Haircolor 101 – The Beginning
Class 1

Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert is the worlds leading
Haircolor Theory Education Program designed for the Professional Hairdresser.
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This Webinar brings the concepts of the Haircolor Trade Secrets program
“To Life” through the use of ‘LIVE’ Interactive Presentations and Q&A:


Event Presenter:  David Velasco

“These “WebClasses” are without a doubt the most comprehensive and thorough haircolor educational classes that I have ever taught. Because I am not restricted to any time constraints, like I am at my live event trainings such as Hair Shows or In-Salon Classes, I am able to take all the time I needed to explain in Very-Simple-Everyday-English Everything I Know about Hair Color.”

In this course, Haircolor 101 – The Beginning, we take it from: GROUND ZERO!
Who This Course Is For:

The Hairdresser who has been doing hair for some time but never really focused on doing haircolor because it always was too confusing to figure it all out,

The Hairdresser “MOM”, who had to take a 12 year break from the business to raise her kids, is now ready to go back to work and is looking for a refresher course in haircolor,

The Beauty School Student who wants to fast-track his or her career and excel the learning curve the right way without wasting 10 years trying to figure it all out,

The Cosmetology Instructor who is looking for the right words to say to the beginning beauty school student on the first day of “Haircolor Class”,

The Salon Owner or In-Salon Educator who is interested in putting together a solid in-salon haircolor training program to teach his/her young hairdressers the way the salon wants haircolor done.

Here is what you will learn in this course.

Key #1 — The Secrets of the Hair
~ The Secrets of Texture
~ Understanding Texture
~ Understanding Porosity
~ The Natural Level
~ Understanding Natural Pigment
~ Understanding the Decolorization of Natural Pigment
~ Contributing Color Pigment Chart

Key #2 — Secret of the Products
~ 4 Main Types of Haircolor
~ Where Haircolor Lives
~ Temporary Haircolor
~ Semi-Permanent Haircolor
~ Demi-Haircolor
~ Permanent Haircolor

Key #3 — The Secret of Formulation
~ The 2 Variables of Timing and Developer Strength
~ Understanding Levels and Tones
~ 2 Different Tonal Systems
~ Color Identification
~ Understanding Developers
~ When to Use Which Developer
~ Secrets of the Color Wheel

Key #4 – Secrets of Application & Timing

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Run Time: 2hr 35min

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