Virtual Online and Interactive Professional Haircolor Education

Webinars or Web-Classes as I prefer to call them are simply the most convenient and economical way to receive your "LIVE" haircolor theory education today.

No Air Travel, No Hotel, No Time Off Work or Away From Your Family.

You can simply sit at your computer or take us on the road with you and watch the Web-Class on your cell phone or iPad.

These Web-Classes are presented by David personally in real time (unless you are watching a recording of one) and completely interactive Q&A via the use of Text Chat Questions and Voice Answers.

All Web-Classes are approximately 1 to 3 Hours Long.

Please Note that all of these Webinars are "100% GENERIC" Haircolor Education,

so it does not matter what Color Line you are using, this education will be relevant.

These “WebClasses” are without a doubt the most comprehensive and thorough haircolor educational classes that I have ever taught. Because I am not restricted to any time constraints, like I am at my live event trainings such as Hair Shows or In-Salon Classes, I am able to take all the time I needed to explain in Very-Simple-Everyday-English Everything I Know about Hair Color.

Each Web-Class is based on topics from my best selling book series:

Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert

If you have never attended a Webinar before, Watch this Free Sample of a recent webinar I did for Chromastics Haircolor and you will see what I mean. Click Here to View Video

Click On Links Below to View Details of Each Web-Class

Note: If you would like to attend multiple webinars, a shopping cart has been setup for your convenance.

Price: $47 per Web-Class

Haircolor 101- The Beginning Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 2 Hours & 35 Min

How Haircolor Really Works-Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 3 Hours & 12 Min

Great Gray Coverage Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 2 Hours & 29 Min

Amazing Redheads Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 2 Hours & 31 Min

Exotic Brunettes Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 2 Hours & 33 Min

Single Process Blondes-Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 2 Hours & 01 Min

Double Process Blondes Web-Class

See Video Replay

Run Time: 3 Hours & 04 Min

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