How To Make More Money Behind The Chair

In today’s haircolor lesson I want to talk about how you can Make More Money Behind the Chair.

Becoming a “SUCCESSFUL” hairdresser takes more than just being able to do good hair.

Over the years I have known many hairdressers who were really great at doing hair, but were never really SUCCESSFUL”.


Because they never understood basic marketing principles such as:

~~ Understanding the “Life-Time” Value of a Client
~~ The Importance of “Specializing”
~~ How and When to “Increase Your Prices”
~~ The “Money+Time+Quality” Circle
~~ And Much, Much More

In this video of one of my “Live Classes” I’ll teach you how.

Learn & Enjoy!


This Lesson is from My 2-Volume Books Set:

101 Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Consultation

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