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Incredible Single Process Blondes

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This Web-Class is based on Volume 6 of:

“Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert”
Exotic Brunettes
Class 6

Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert is the worlds leading
Haircolor Theory Education Program designed for the Professional Hairdresser.
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This Webinar brings the concepts of the Haircolor Trade Secrets program
“To Life” through the use of ‘LIVE’ Interactive Presentations and Q&A:






Event Presenter: David Velasco

“These “WebClasses” are without a doubt the most comprehensive and thorough haircolor educational classes that I have ever taught. Because I am not restricted to any time constraints, like I am at my live event trainings such as Hair Shows or In-Salon Classes, I am able to take all the time I needed to explain in Very-Simple-Everyday-English Everything I Know about Hair Color.”

In this Web-Class, we will discuss who are your best and worst candidates for single process blonding. Knowing who will be you best candidates is half the battle. Couple that with an in-depth study of how blonde bases work, and when and how to use modifiers and intensifiers and you will be well on your way to producing Incredible Single Process Blondes.

In This Web-Class You Will Learn:

  • Who are the Best and Worst Candidates for Single Process Blonding
  • Blonde Bases and How They Work
  • Ash Base Blondes
  • Natural/Neutral Base Blondes
  • Gold Base Blondes
  • Red Base Blondes
  • All about Drabbers, Modifiers and Intensifiers
  • High-lift Special Blondes
  • Plus 5 Color Corrective Procedures for SP Blondes
  • 1-Ash Blonde Looks Drab on Gray (non-pigmented) Hair
  • 2-Blonde Haircolor Did Not Cover Gray (Non-pigmented) Hair
  • 3-Blonde Looks Brassy / Too Warm
  • 4-Blonde Hair Looks Green
  • 5-When Making Salt & Pepper Hair Blonde, the Gray (Non-pigmented) Hair Looks Good, but the Darker Hair Now Looks Red

See Webinar Video Replay

Run Time: 2hr 1min

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Enrollment Fee: $47.00