Explain the “Benefits” of Her New Haircolor, Not the “Features”


In today’s haircolor lesson I want to talk about the “Selling” of haircolor, Oh, I know…you’re a hairdresser and NOT A SALES PERSON, Right?

Well, make no mistake about it, when you are talking to a client about a new haircolor service, you are in a “Selling Situation” and, in just like any selling situation, you need to Sell on Benefits, Not Features.

For example, if you were selling a pair of shoes, the features would be:

Features of These New Shoes:

• Color – Black
• Heel – Low
• Arch – High
• Soles – Rubber

This is what she can SEE; but the Benefits are those advantages that she will ENJOY as a result of buying the new shoes.

Let’s look at an example:

Now, let’s relate the same concept to Haircolor.

I’ll use the example of selling someone a Demi-Color service.

We know the Features of Demi-Color are:

• Low or No Ammonia
• Built-in Conditioning Agents and Buffers
• Pre-Oxidized Dye Molecules
• Un-Oxidized Dye Molecules
• Direct Deposit Delivering System

(This is all explained in my book, How Haircolor Really Works)

But when you talk to a client about Demi Color, you may mention these Features BUT, then you have to Back-Up the Features with the Benefits that these features will provide:

Let’s look at an example:

Feature: “What we know”
Benefit: “What we relay to the client”

It would be in your best interest to read a few books about selling on features and benefits.

ALSO, Always Answer the Question:

“What Will It Do for Her”?

The whole purpose for someone coloring her hair is to make her look better (younger, healthier, more fashionable, etc.).

So before you start the coloring process, ask yourself this question:

“What will it do for her?”

And then use your answer to help sell the service to the client.

Now, I will tell you that on very rare occasions, I was not able to answer this question in my mind and actually steered the client away from coloring her hair.

Like I said, these were extremely rare occasions, but it has happened, so I wanted to share this with you.

I have a client that has beautiful white hair. It’s not gray or silver but white. She also has a very attractive face and an amazingly cool haircut, so the whole thing looks great on her.

When she asked me about coloring her hair, I simply could not answer the above question for myself or for her. (What will it do for her?)
Her overall look is awesome for a ”50 Something” year old woman.

But here’s the really cool part, this client was so impressed by my honesty that, as a result, she has sent me many clients over the years and all of them are haircolor clients…Go Figure!

If you would like more information about Easy Ways of Selling Haircolor to Your Clients, Read My Books: 101 Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Consultation.

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