Discover the Insider Secrets of a Renowned Haircolor
Specialist with over 40 Years Experience that will have you
doing Amazing Haircolor in Record Time.

Welcome to “Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert”. The worlds first and only home study course in the Art of Haircolor.

I spent over two years writing this program, documenting every haircolor situation you may encounter. And that is exactly what this course is designed to do – to take you deeper into the theories, techniques and strategies that will prepare you to enter the realm of “Haircolor Specialization”.There are over 400 page of intense haircolor information in this 100% full color, 7 volume set of books.

Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert is broken up into easily digestible modules (books) each one dealing with a different segment of information every haircolor expert must know.

The First Three Volumes are what I call: Fundamental Training
That means that the concepts in these three books must be fully understood before going on to the other books. They will lay out the foundation, strategies and terminology that will be referred back to often in the other books.

Once the Fundamentals are understood, then you are free to jump around as you would like with the other books, which I call Core Essential Training. These books will give you everything you need to know in the area of PIGMENTING hair, as in creating Redheads and Brunettes and Blonding hair as in creating Single Process Blondes and Double Process Blondes.


Beyond that, there are other books on what I call:
Specialty Training. These are books that deal with other haircolor specialty’s in the in the salon, such as Coloring African-American Hair, Haircolor Consultation Skills and Coloring Men’s Hair.