Enhance Any Color Line with Color Concentrates

Now you are able to Enhance: (intensify, increase, or further improve the quality) of ANY haircolor line with the “Color Concentrates” by CHROMASTICS.

Chromastics Haircolor Company has recently assembled a New Kit of their 5 Color Concentrates along with a brief “How to Guide” which is designed to be used with ANY haircolor line you chose to use.

What exactly are “Color Concentrates”?

Chromastics Color Concentrates are a revolutionary line of “PURE TONE” haircolor that can be used for Ultimate Creativity as a “Mix-In” to your present haircolor formulas or as “Stand Alone” Haircolor that Last as Long as a Tint.

There are 5 Color Concentrates in this new kit, which gives the Professional Haircolorist an Unlimited Spectrum of Haircoloring Possibilities.

They are: Neutral, Gold, Green, Red and Blue. Plus you can make Violet Concentrate by mixing Blue and Red Concentrate.



These Color Concentrates are 100% “Oxidative Color” Because there are NO Direct Dyes mixed-in with the Concentrates, they last much longer than other concentrates, and these actually become part of the color formula.

Also, these Color Concentrates can be added to “ANY BRAND” of Permanent or Demi-permanent color that uses a developer or peroxide. They will enhance any color line and create longer lasting color.

Also, Chromastics has created a “Color Concentrate Chart” which will guide you on exactly how much to use for each level of color when you first start using these Concentrates. Once you see the results, you can adjust the amount for each client. The guide keeps you in the “Safe Zone” when you’re first starting out.

Color Concentrates can be used by themselves as Fashion Tones. They don’t always need to be added to color formulas. So, if you want Electric Red or Bright Green or Intense Blue just mix the concentrate with an equal amount of 10-volume developer and apply to either white or pre-lightened hair.



Also, these Color Concentrates can be intermixed with each other to create new concentrate shades. Intermixing Red and Blue creates Violet concentrate. By adding, “Clear” you can create Pastel Shades.


I have been a Chromastics user for about two years….experimented creating different fashion tones and pastels using just concentrates….different combinations and dilutions put on different level swatches…

Karen Snyder

Also, with these Color Concentrates you can “Create Your Own “NN” for Better Gray Coverage, Series“RR” for Incredible Redheads and “GG” Series for Amazing Blondes

Only Chromastics Haircolor provides the Professional Haircolorist with the revolutionary new “Neutral Concentrate”. Which allows the Colorist to transform any neutral shade into a “Double N” shade for incredible Gray Coverage. This one tip alone will save you from buying 10 extra shades of color.

Plus, this Neutral Concentrate can be used as a stand-alone color to create dark brown haircolor, with No Gray, Green or Ashy Background color…a true BROWN color.



Use the Chromastics Color Concentrates for Ultimate Creativity or as Stand Alone Haircolor that Last as Long as a Tint.

Now before you think to yourself “What’s the big deal, my existing haircolor line has color concentrates also” I want you to think again.

Most of the other haircolor manufactures in the USA today have some shades called: Color Additives…NOT Color Concentrates, and here’s the difference.

The color additives, which most other haircolor manufacture include in their product line, are made with PRE-OXIDIZED dye molecules. This means that they are closer to a temporary haircolor (like Roux Fanci-Full Rinse) than to a permanent haircolor.



That’s why, if you have ever used them, you will know that they fade out very quickly and are only to be used as an “additive” into your regular color formula to brighten or subdue the formula a little more, never to be used on their own.

Chromastics Color Concentrates on the other hand, are OXIDATIVE DYES so they actually have the ability to penetrate into the cortex layer of the hair like permanent haircolor does.

Like color additives, they can be intermixed with any of the other tints to intensify and/or modify any of your haircolor formulas, BUT, they can also be used as a stand-alone haircolor when you want to create vibrant or muted Fashion Shades!

Shades like Lilac, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple or any other fashion shade you wish to make. Your only limit is your imagination.



And here’s the big deal about all this: because you’re creating these fashion shades with an oxidative type of tint, once applied to pre-bleached hair, they will last as long as a permanent tint does.

Try doing this with your present color additive or any of those inferior types of haircolor like Manic Panic etc, and see what you get…it won’t be pretty.

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