6 Ways to Attract New Clients, Online & Offline [VIDEO]

In today’s “Live Class” lesson, I will share with you “6 Ways to Attract New Clients, both Online and Offline”.

Whether you are a  Salon Owner, Salon Employee or Independent Hairdresser, one of the most important skills you will need in your business is to learn how to market yourself (or your Salon)

I Know, I Know, the word “MARKETING” may send chills down your back because you consider yourself an Artist, I get that, but you can relax  because in this I video I will give you 6 Quick and Easy ways to “Market” yourself that won’t make you feel like a used car salesman.

You see, the best ways of Marketing yourself is to ATTRACT Clients To You, NOT Push yourself on them!

This is what is called “Magnetic Marketing” and it works like a charm!

Learn & Enjoy!


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