3 – Haircolor Promises You Never Want to Make

In today’s haircolor lesson I want to share with you:

3 – Promises that You Never Want to Make to a Haircolor Client.

Remember, haircolor is an “Art Form” not an “Exact Science”, therefore sometimes we may expect a certain haircolor outcome based on our knowledge and experience, but “Low & Behold”, when we are all done the color doesn’t look anything like we expected it to look.

So in this Haircolor Lesson, I want to give you the “Right Words to Say” during a Haircolor Consultation whenever you are faced with any of these 3 Situations.

1- Don’t Ever Over-Promise
2- Never Promise an Exact Color
3- Never Promise a Perfect Outcome on the First Service during a Color Correction

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1 – Don’t Ever Over-Promise

Be careful that, during the consultation, you don’t get so excited and zealous about your work that you end up committing yourself to something that is either impossible to achieve or in some way you are unable to deliver, whether because of the integrity of her hair, the color of her hair, or your lack of experience in performing a certain type of technique.

One of my favorite rules to live by is:

Always strive to “Under-Promise and Over-Deliver”.

Remember, it is always better to be underestimated and then dazzle the client with your talent and skill than to build yourself up and promise something so great that she may be disappointed with the end result.

2 – Never Promise an Exact Color

There are many variables that go into the success of a certain haircolor outcome – such as the client’s natural haircolor; the tint that may be already on the hair; the porosity, condition, length, formation of the hair; and other chemical services such as perms or relaxers that may also be on the hair. In addition, there are the variables of environmental situations and electrical appliances, such as – sun damage, chlorine pools, curling irons, flat irons, over blow drying, and overuse of hair products.

All of these situations have to be considered when doing haircolor. Therefore, in reality, it is impossible for us to promise an exact outcome. I have actually had clients who would show me a certain haircolor on a model in a magazine that she wants, and after the haircolor service was performed, she would stand before the mirror with the magazine photo in her hand and hold it up against her hair to see if the haircolor on her head was an exact match of the haircolor in the magazine.

This may be an extreme situation, but, believe me, that happens all the time. I suggest that you never promise an exact outcome. The way to get around this is to use general descriptive terms such as:

(You would say these suggestions while both you and your client are looking at a photograph in a magazine or other visual aide.)
~ Let’s take your color in “this direction”.
~ Let’s go after a “look” like this photograph.
~ I want to give you this kind of “feeling” with your haircolor.
~ I like this “idea”… but I want to make it a little warmer, (darker, lighter, blonder, cooler).
~ I would like to give you a color “similar” to Sally’s.

These kinds of suggestions will give your client a good idea as to what you have in mind and, at the same time, not paint yourself into a corner by promising an exact shade of haircolor. These suggestions can be used while looking at photographs, a swatch chart or even describing a character on television.

3 – Never Promise a Perfect Outcome the First Service during a Color Correction

Corrective haircolor is perhaps the most challenging of all haircolor services. Usually, by the time they come to you to get something fixed, their hair has been trashed by many chemical processes.

When the hair has gotten to this point, it is almost impossible to predict the outcome. Even if you do several test strands, there is still a chance that the overall finished haircolor won’t look great.

Remember, in most cases, it has taken them quite a while and many haircolor applications to get their hair in such bad condition. Therefore, don’t feel badly telling them that you cannot perform a miracle in one visit (don’t use this language, of course).

Never promise 100% perfect, beautiful haircolor in one service. In most situations, it will take quite a while to nurse the hair back to health. I usually tell my client something like this:

“Today we are going to make your hair look a lot better. However, it probably won’t be exactly what you want. It’s going to take time and several visits before I can get your hair back in great shape and give you the exact color we are going after”.

Now, having said this, I will tell you that most of the time, you will be able to get their hair looking pretty good after the first visit, but once again, don’t promise it or they will expect it. Remember, it is better to always “Under-Promise and Over-Deliver.”

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